Our Aluminium

We source our aluminium rods from the world’s finest mills – ensuring you can have complete confidence in their quality. We continuously update our stock to provide you with a huge range of aluminium products.

An Extensive Range of Aluminium


Aluminium Plate

This versatile and light weight product is suitable for a wide range of applications, from vehicle side panels, storage tank walls, architectural panels and signage. We stock a range of grades and alloys.

Aluminium Rod

Perfect for engineering, aluminium rods are available in a range of lengths, widths and grades. Used by a range of industries, their applications include construction, framing, transport and shop fittings.

Aluminium Tube Coil

Highly conductive, aluminium tube coil is often used for heat exchange purposes – low cost, light weight and high thermal conductivity ensures it’s an excellent choice for the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industries.

Why Source Aluminium from Us?

Experienced Team

Our dedicated team is committed to providing customers across the country with premium aluminium from the most sought-after suppliers across the world.


We specialise in round and hex concentric machining bars, ideal for auto lathes and high production engineering – though we have everything needed for every application.

Finest Mills

We source our aluminium from the finest mills in the world to ensure they are of the highest possible quality. You can have confidence in the products you purchase from us.

Affordable prices

We have aluminium to suit any project or budget, ensuring we can meet the needs of all of our customers, from a single aluminium sheet to a thousand!

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