Aluminium Scrap

Whether you’re cleaning up after a renovation or your business generates a high volume of waste, we can help take your excess aluminium off your hands. To save your scrap metal from ending up in landfill, we’re happy to buy your scrap back from you!.

Quality Aluminium Scrap Melbourne


We accept anything made from aluminium, including window extrusions, off-cuts and even soft drink cans! Recycling your aluminium ensures we can reduce the amount of scrap that ends up in landfill each year. It also lessens the need for raw or virgin materials to be mined – reducing our use of finite resources. If you’re looking for a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to make some extra money, then selling aluminium scrap is an excellent idea.

The price of aluminium scrap metal changes on an almost daily basis, so we’ve developed an app to ensure you get the most up-to-date prices whenever you’re ready to sell. Download the Scrap Mobile app from the App Store or contact our team directly! Unfortunately, we can’t offer cash for scrap on the spot – however, we’re happy to issue a cheque in the mail or transfer it directly into your bank account. Recycling has never been easier, and you can make money at the same time!

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