We’ve been providing our customers with high quality products and honest service for almost 60 years. We pride ourselves on the premium aluminium that we stock, and the impact we have on reducing environmental waste by buying scrap back from our customers.

  • Experienced Team
    One of the oldest and most established metal traders in Victoria, we have been supplying Melbourne with premium aluminium since 1961.
  • Premium Products
    We stock a wide range of aluminium rods, tube coils and plates that have been sourced from the leading mills world-wide – and our product range is continuously updated.
  • We Buy Scrap
    To reduce the amount of aluminium ending up in landfill, we purchase scrap back from our customers – allowing you to make money whilst you recycle.
  • Free Bin Supply
    We’re happy to offer a free bin supply and pick up to our industrial customers – perfect for collecting scrap aluminium without the hassle.